Internet research

The internet has become a major source of public information about mental disorders, as well as of preventive interventions and therapy. We are interested in how the use and quality of this resource can be improved. We also run trials evaluating e-prevention and early intervention.

Current studies

Mood Memos

Mood Memos is an internet intervention which aims to prevent and treat depression in adults by providing email messages to people with depressive symptoms Further information can be found at

Parenting strategies for prevention of alcohol misuse and common mental health problems

This project aims to find out what parents can do to prevent mental health and substance use problems in their children. We have developed a web-based intervention for prevention of alcohol misuse in adolescents, where parents can receive feedback on their own parenting and short training modules to improve their parenting.  This work is currently being extended to cover what parents can do to prevent depression and anxiety disorders in their children. Further information can be found at:

Mental Health Wiki

Mental Health Wiki is a guide to mental health problems. It aims to provide high quality and up-to-date information by allowing contributors to edit and improve each other’s material and incorporates material from professional journals, textbooks and websites run by government organisations. Contributors to Mental Health Wiki include health professionals, academic researchers, consumer carers or advocates and health service administrators. Further information can be found at:

Information for caregivers of people with bipolar disorder

Guidelines have been developed on how to care for an adult with bipolar disorder based on the consensus of 143 expert caregivers, people with bipolar disorder and clinicians from different countries. This information has been made available on a website and is being evaluated for its usefulness to caregivers. Further information can be found at

Student mental health wiki

This is a wiki allowing tertiary education institutions to share resources aimed at improving student mental health. Further information can be found at:

Mental Health First Aid training in the workplace

This project, which is funded by the NHMRC, aims to evaluate whether Mental First Aid Training, delivered in online learning or blended learning modes, lead to improvements in mental health first aid knowledge, stigmatising attitudes, confidence in supporting a person in the social network with a mental health problem, and self-reported behaviours if someone in their social network develops a mental health problem.