Families research

Because children and adolescents lack the knowledge and skills to take action for prevention and early intervention, the adults who closely interact with them need to be empowered to take appropriate action on their behalf. Parents have the prime role in this regard. Good parenting is an important protective factor, and parents are key agents to facilitate support and early professional help if a child or young person develops a mental health problem.

Current studies

First Aid Training for Parents of Teenagers (TPOT Study)

Parents of adolescents aged 12-15 years are being trained in either Mental Health First Aid or Red Cross Physical First Aid with the aim of finding out the benefit to the health of their adolescent. Further information can be found at tpot.net.au

Parenting strategies: Protecting your child's mental health

This research aims to provide parents with tips on what they can do to reduce their child’s risk for mental health and substance use problems. We have developed a web-based intervention for the prevention of alcohol misuse in adolescents, where parents can receive personalised feedback on their own parenting and short training modules to support desired changes to their parenting.  We have also developed guidelines for parents with strategies to reduce their teenage child’s risk of developing depression and anxiety problems. This work is currently being extended to cover what parents can do to prevent depression and anxiety disorders in their primary school-aged children. Further information can be found at : www.parentingstrategies.net